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Miku woke up and looked at her cell phone and saw a text message from Luka she yawned whilst pushing some buttons to read the message.
The message said;
"Miku want to do something today? Love Luka" She read it and replied
"Sure, where do you want to meet? x Miku" She yawned once more and headed to the bathroom to wash her face.  She looked at the mirror while brushing her teeth and said to herself
"What should I do with my hair? Maybe I'll ask Luka" as she spit out the toothpaste.


Luka was reading the reply from Miku and texted back, "Where do you want to meet, Miku?
x Luka ^^" She sighed and asked herself why she has that feeling when Miku is around, "I guess its love" she said and laughed and thought she was only kidding to herself.
She got dressed and combed her hair while waiting for Miku's reply.
She looked back at the mirror and smiled to herself

Back at Miku :

Her cell phone rang and said it had another text message from Luka saying,
"Where do you want to meet Miku? xLuka ^^"
She heard footsteps coming from the stairs she thought it was her mom but it was her dad. He looked hung-over again.
Her dad looked angrily at Miku and said "WHAT WAS THAT RUCKUS!?" Miku was scared
and replied "I-it was only a text message d-dad" her dad looked angry and said
"WHAT DID YOU SAY? I DONT LIKE YOUR TONE" And her dad slapped her.
Miku started to cry and her dad looked amused, but then her mom came in and said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER YOU WORTHLESS MAN" Miku thought "Not this again please don't fight!"
Her dad punched Miku's mom and laughed and then said "HAHAHA SHUT UP B*TCH!" Miku started to cry even more and her dad pushed her mom out of her room and threw her into their room, her dad walked out of Miku's room, and locked Miku in her room again. Miku quickly grabbed  her cell phone and replied "At the subway please. x Miku" She quickly dressed, combed her hair and placed on a bit make-up.
She looked at her cheek, it was really red and it hurt a bit. She put some make-up on to cover the red spot on her cheek and then quickly climbed out of the window and ran to the subway..

Meanwhile at Luka :

Luka got a text message back and quickly read it "At the subway please x Miku" and thought ",why at the subway?" wondering if something was wrong but she sighed and walked to the subway.
When she was at the door she realized she forgot her money and her house key and thought "Oh well living alone is quite quiet now, haha"
She quickly grabbed her keys and her wallet and said to herself "Okay then let's go to the subway." She walked to the subway and wondered why Miku wanted to meet her in the subway
She shrugged and said "I'll ask her that later then."

Meanwhile at Miku :
Miku sat on a bench waiting for Luka to come and thought "Should I tell her about this?"
Suddenly she saw Luka at the entrance and she waved to Luka.
Luka waved back and ran to her and asked "Why did you want to meet in the subway Miku?"
Miku replied with "My dad hit me again for nothing... he was drunk again..."
Luka started to get angry and said "Why do you live with that piece of scum you call your dad?!?"
Miku shrugged and said "I-i dont know.." Luka started to smile and said, "How about you stay at my place for a while?"
Miku suddenly smiled and replied with a "Yes."

                        END CHAPTER 1
Yeah! xD
First chapter! ;DD
lets see i should be done with the new chapter soon ;)

Gotta love this pairing for dem yuri fans :DD
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ChiiKyandi Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student General Artist
:iconbwavoplz: MikuXLuka FOREVER!! :iconyushplz:
cow221 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011
Yus indeed.
Poor miku and her mofo dad :brainless:
LeeksDaysu Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011
MIKEYY, it;s leeeeeekkkkksssss 8'DDDDDDD <33 this was so adorable of you to write > u <
poro123 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
I like it!!! Please continue!
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